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A request for help

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A request for help

Post  Steve M on Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:30 am

Below is an e-mail received today copied in its entirety which is fairly self-explanatory.

Dear Sheffield Wanderers

I am seeking help from any ramblers in Sheffield/Manchester who go to the area around Hathersage.

Although I come from Eckington, just south of Sheffield, I have lived in Hamburg, Germany for many years. I have a holiday caravan on Toothill farm, off The Dale, Hathersage that I now use as my UK home. There is a public footpath (bridle road) passing through Toothill Farm, which is used by ramblers going to/from Stannage to Hathersage parish church.

Last July, (in the evening of 22.7.2013) I was attacked and badly injured by a black cow on this public path just above my caravan.

I was wondering if any ramblers who had been in that area around this time could recall any incidents they might have had with cattle while passing through that farm, or since/before this time?

I visit my caravan only once or twice a year at the moment because of being in Germany, so I do not have a chance to speak with anyone passing by, or in Sheffield in general. My caravan was a real joy for me in this lovely part of the world, which I have had since 1979.

The tragedy in this whole episode is that I now feel that the injuries will become permanent and I will have difficulty enjoying walks in the rugged area in future. The farmer, who I always regarded as a friend, has turned out to be a really nasty character. I asked him for his insurance company's name, but he will not give it to me, and is saying that I am lying about the cow attack and has ordered me to remove my caravan off his farm. This is impossible because it is so old, though the inside is like a "Tardis" and is my lovely little home in the Derbyshire hills.

I feel really sick by the way I have been treated by him. Even at the time of the attack, he did not come to my aid when I phoned him and completely alone . Neither did he come the following day to see what had happened. Fortunately, someone from the Scotsman Pack in the village came to my rescue.

I'd never heard of people being attacked by cows before - bulls, yes, but not cows. But it seems that this is a very common occurrence. I would be really grateful if you could ask around your friends about this situation at Hathersage, and if any have had incidents with cows in the area.

Yours sincerely,

Lawrence Harris

Steve M

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